Council Forms

Request CCTV footage

Before you begin

This form is to request CCTV footage from cameras in Barnsley.

  • If you're making a request for personal data as part of a Subject Access Request, you'll need to submit photographic ID, for example, a driving licence or passport. If your appearance has significantly altered in any way from your ID please also upload a suitable photograph as we'll need to be able to identify you in the footage.
  • If you're requesting the footage on behalf of someone else, you must upload evidence that you have permission to ask for it, for example, a letter of authorisation or Power of Attorney.
  • If you're submitting a request on behalf of an agency, for example, police, prosecution agency, solicitor/barrister or the media, you'll need to know which Data Protection Act 2018 exemption you wish to apply for.

Please note we can’t always release CCTV footage and members of the public are not permitted to view CCTV footage unless this relates to them personally (i.e. you are identified within the footage).