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Refuge Island - Lunchtime Dance Performance and Q&A

18 June 2024
1:30pm until 2:15pm
Library @ the Lightbox


Refuge Island is an exhilarating 20 minute dance performance that explores stories of female migration and the human capacity to offer a place of refuge in times of crisis. As a lone woman appears on a pedestrian refuge island images begin to flicker within the bollard and soon we hear why this brave woman was forced to leave her much loved home. The audience is taken on a journey hearing first hand accounts from three women. The first is a woman of Irish descent who shares her grandmothers story from the 1940’s. The second is Vanja who fled Bosnia in the 1990’s and the third is Saghur’s story who fled Afghanistan in 2021. This free lunchtime dance performance will be followed by a Q&A with the director and performer. Created by Whispered Tales, choreographed by Lisa Simpson with a stunning performance by Shahda Nantaba Refuge Island is a captivating emotive dance performance not to be missed.