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Concerteenies Musical Stories: Mouse and Bear

12 March 2024
10:30am until 11:15am
Library @ Dodworth
up to 7 years


Join Jack McNeill (clarinet) and Sarah Carroll (narrator) for a brilliant adaptation of Kev Payne’s children’s book, Mouse and Bear, set to music by Paul Rissmann. Mouse loves to paint. Sometimes she sells her paintings in return for food which she shares with Bear. Bear is big and powerful and promises to protect Mouse but when a storm comes will Mouse be forgotten? A tale of determination, inspiration and new-found friends. This concert combines creative story-telling, brilliant new music by Paul Rissmann, interactive sensory elements (such as bubbles, scarves and percussion), audience participation and vivid illustrations from the book to engage, inspire and entertain little and older audiences. This Musical Story, based on Kev Payne's pre-existing book, was produced thanks to an Arts Council England grant in 2021. Start the fun now, learn the songs and actions at Please book a ticket for everyone attending.