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Granny Norbag Saves the Planet!

11 December 2023
4:00pm until 6:00pm
Library @ Cudworth


When Planet Earth is threatened by the villainous Dr Tuneless, only Granny Norbag can save the day. Granny Norbag is a 91 year old Yorkshire lass with secret superpowers. Always accompanied by Engelbert the parrot, this plucky pensioner has all the tools in her handbag to solve any problem. However, before she can become a fully fledged eco warrior, Granny must embark on a quest to teach those she meets the true meaning of friendship. Can she save the planet and still be back home in time for Emmerdale? Presented by Granny Norbag Productions, and starring Malcolm J Hogan, this musical puppet show is ideal for family audiences. The show will take place 4pm - 5pm and will be followed by an optional character creation activity 4.15pm - 6pm. Please book a ticket for each person attending.