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Forge, Elsecar Community Nursery

25 August 2022
10:00am until 2:00pm
Forge @ Elsecar Community Nursery
5 to 11 years
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Dedicated provision that is fun, stimulating, creative and active for all, supporting children with additional and complex needs through individual and team challenges, developing friendships and exploring the surrounding with Mini Beast & Garden Jungle workshops, food tastings, growing and many more interest based activities to make the day an exciting stimulating safe and rewarding time. Delicious fresh meals will be prepared to the needs of children attending being sensitive to any known food allergies along with developing awareness of healthy meal options. Children and their families are asked to book a pre commencement visit to the camp on Monday 25th of July or before the planned first day attendance so that children and staff can be introduced, To ensure that the camp offer is suitable for the needs of the child. Please get in touch directly on 01226 740202 to discuss any enquiries or book a visit.